Simple, but Powerful Features!

POCKET MUNIM is a full featured POS (Point Of Sales) application that takes full advantage of Android technology. A complete solution to fulfill all POS requirements in any situation and in any industry.

  • Unlimited Sales Receipts
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories of Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited POS Points
  • Multilayer Discout Schemes
  • On the Fly Master List Maintenance
  • Effective and Flexible Stock Management
  • Bargains and On the Spot Discounts Management
  • Both Bluetooth and WiFi Printing of Receipts
  • Send Automated Emails with Receipt Attachment
  • Customer Digital Signature
  • Pre-Designed Templates for Invoices and Challans
  • Flexible Tax Management and Reporting
  • Automated Data Backup
  • Cloud Data Backup
  • Device Lock System
  • Exhaustive Reporting with multiple formats
  • Accounting Softwares Compatible
  • Easy License transfer on Mobile Devices

Greater visibility for your business and your customers


POCKET MUNIM uses the cloud-based Android as POS for reporting and inventory. The emphasis is on making smarter business decisions and enhancing productivity at an affordable price. Simple, fast, easy to grasp user interface design which is vital in order to help users take full control of thier business.

  • Access data from anywhere in the world
  • Maintain inventory, employees, customers, and sales all backed up in the cloud
  • Executive dashboard and instant accurate business reports
  • Multiple devices automatically fully synced when adding/modifying back office content. No internet required. Data will be synced once device is back online
  • Fully responsive back office so that it scales nicely on all major web browsers and screen sizes

Industry standard security

All of your data is stored securely on the industry standard Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform, the foundation of the network. All data backups are performed hourly, giving you peace of mind that your data is in a safe and secure place.

Quick serve

POCKET MUNIM is gifted with both worlds of quick serve cashier service as well as dining in style service where you complete an order at a later time.

  • Beautiful and elegant design enabling you to navigate through your inventory with ease
  • All in one simplified line modification screen
  • Add order discount, miscellaneous item and print with ease (kitchen and sales print styles)
  • Add order information table number, number of people and customer details

Order parking

Ideal for dining in businesses complete with twitter style elapsed time counter.

  • Create an order and complete at a later time
  • Visualize how many minutes, hours and minutes have elapsed for your open orders
  • No need to save an order as every order is saved automatically with all the order lines, order info etc.

Stock Replenishing

Adjust and monitor your stock levels in real time. Simple, easy to use stock replenishing interface enabling you to upload all your stock levels in one go. There are color coded labels to assist you in identifying your stock levels and help you make smarter business decisions. As you update and reload your stock, this will also update stock levels across all your devices instantly thus keeping your sale reps up to date in real time whilst they taking orders.


Re-ordering made easy

To complement this feature, there is a new report to help you identify stock shortages and re-ordering. As you hit the re-order report you will be presented with all of your tracked items that has either gone below it’s threshold limit or on back order. There are also colour coded statuses, fields such as how much of that item has been sold (back dating to two months) all of which can help you analyse what needs re-ordering.

Stock value on items

On the App, if your items are “Tracked” then you will see the current stock value on the buttons of those items. Furthermore, if stock value falls below threshold limit then button will appear red in color indicating low stock. The stock value also adjusts itself as your stock depletes and or re-loads. Once the order is completed, it will sync to the cloud as normal and update the stock value across all your devices.

Bluetooth printers

Support for bluetooth versions has been recently added. The TSP654IIB1 model seems to be the one to buy where by you require no router as well as minimal setup. The only downside to this is the bluetooth range which will not suit buildings of large capacity.

USB connected printer

Although this hasn’t been tested, we can certainly add this to suit your needs. Please Contact Us

Wireless network connected printer

We recommend using the Star TSP650/TSP100 printers.
Amazing features and high reliability at an affordable price! (Click here for detailed info).
This is a WIRELESS solution. NO WIRES to the receipt printer, NO WIRES to the cash drawer, and NO WIRES to the kitchen printer! Imagine the END of walking back and forth to the POS device. Your staff can serve more tables and spend more time connecting with your customers!

Executive dashboards

Our executive dashboards on the device and or back office will help you visualize, question, analyze, interpret, and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. There are nice gauges to indicate your weekly, monthly and yearly targets, weekly to monthly sales trends including your top performing products including many more visual presentation at your disposal in real time.

  • Visualise and empower your business performance through your eye candy dashboards
  • Available on the device and back office
  • Make intelligent business decisions in real time wherever in the world

Powerful reporting

At the end of a working day the last thing you want to do is sit down with all your paper bills and calculate your business performance. POCKET MUNIM offers a comprehensive reporting mechanism through the back office to instantly generate report in real time. You also have the ability to filter by device/location and analyse individual device performance.

  • End of day (Available both on tablet and back office)
  • Sales
  • Employees
  • Inventory
  • Re-ordering