Getting started with POCKET MUNIM is risk free and no payment details are required. No hassle SaaS (Software as a Service) where you can do everything to your hearts content within the FREE 14 days trial period. You simply:

  1. Create account (Only takes a few seconds)
  2. Login with your account details to your back office and start building your inventory
  3. Get the POCKET MUNIM App from Google Play and activate your device with your account email and password

Once authenticated, you will not be prompted for your account email and password again. You can now login into the App using the default pin of 1234. What you want to do next is touch the full sync option (Home->Sync) to sync the initial set of data from your back office. Anything you modify after that via back office you will need to do this manual sync to get the latest set of data.

After the trial period has expired, your account will be temporarily suspended until you subscribe via paypal through the back office on the “Account Information” page. If you wish to continue using POCKET MUNIM and have subscribed via paypal, you will billed every month for the current 30 day period. You can cancel anytime through Paypal or use the unsubscribe button which is available for you including other payment information through your back office.

pocketmunim_responsivePlease dont hesitate to Contact us if you need more help getting started with POCKET MUNIM.

Maintaining your inventory and managing your sales could not be even easier. You can now do both from anywhere in the world 24/7. You simply login with your account email and password, and you will be presented with your executive dashboard which you can visually analyse and empower your business performance in real time.

Executive dashboard

Your executive dashboard includes a few housekeeping figures on the left hand side, BI targets, weekly and yearly sales performance. See Business Intelligence section for more details…


Categories are your top level inventory sections if your like in which you can include an image to make your new order screen look prettier. Also, the ease of navigation and finding your items is greatly enhanced.


Once your categories are setup, you can now add items within those categories. The list is nicely presented for you including a count on the number of items you have against that category.


POCKET MUNIM designed modifiers are a wonderful way of customising your order lines as well as utilising the entirety of your receipt. When you look at modifiers on other POS systems, they are so complex and too much overhead to maintain. Well, with POCKET MUNIM you simply have 2 types of modifiers. One is charged and the other is non-charged. The non charged ones are useful for if you want extra information on the line without charging the customer and they appear in brackets () just after the item name. The charged modifiers are just normal modifiers that you would charge your customers and they appear below the item name with a plus +

When taking an order transaction on your tablet, the modifiers are available on 2 scrollable lists when modifying a line. There is also option to change quantity and add discount to the line.


Maintain all your employees an assign individual PIN codes to access the application on your tablet. In terms of security, there is an option to allow admin access to certain individuals. A person with admin access means they can access every feature on the tablet. Non admin access means they will be restricted access to the following features: (BI, settings, manual syncing, open cash drawer from home screen). This will be improved in the future in which the account holder will be able to choose what features should be allowed and not.

NOTE: Only the account holder is allowed back office access and their device PIN can be found in the “Account Information” page.


Manage all you customers in one centralised location. You can add/modify customers with ease as well as the ability to manage customers when taking an order on the device.


At the moment within the settings section you can add your 4 tax rates (which appear when adding/modifying an item) and have the ability to update your receipt information. This includes adding a header, footer and logo. The way it works out the tax is simply UK VAT style; (for example, 20% rate applied to an item priced at £100 will equal £20 tax value). Any tax on items will be accumulated and displayed at the bottom right of your new order screen on the tablet.


See the Business Intelligence section for more details on reports.

Please Contact us if you have any ideas/improvements that you would like to have in the next update.

Only STAR Micronics printers work with POCKET MUNIM at the moment due to their broad range, reliability and affordable cost. You can connect up to 4 printers per POCKET MUNIM App (i.e. 3 for kitchen style printouts and 1 for customer sales printer and maybe connect it to the cash drawer). The TSP143 and TSP654 models are popular with our users. LAN is where the printer is hard wired to your internet router via Ethernet cable. The USB option of those models also works just fine. The TSP650II bluetooth printer work as well as printers within the bluetooth portable range i.e SM-T300. No serial or parallel support at the moment. So in essence, all STAR LAN, USB and Bluetooth should work fine.

Cash drawer can also be brought from eBay, brand new at a good price. It doesn’t need to be the same design, just remember that It requires a RJ11/RJ12 interface so that it can connect to the printer and pop open wirelessly. No wires between tablet and cash drawer, just the cash drawer hardwired to the printer.

To setup printer, for example the LAN mode, all you need to do is connect the printer to your internet router via an Ethernet cable. Once the printer is connected to your router, from the POCKET MUNIM App go into; Settings->Printers and then touch “IP1/IP2/IP3/IP4”. This will automatically discover any connected printer to your network and then just select your printer from the list. On the same screen, you can also test the status of the printer (to check if connected, paper roll status etc) and be able to do a test print also.

Emailing receipt You can simply go into the closed order and hit Email. You enter email address of the recipient and send. You are now doing your bit for the environment. Well done!

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you need more guidance on receipt printing.

When taking a new order you will be welcomed with a beautiful and elegant design enabling you to navigate through your categories and items with ease. Simple, fast, innovate interface allowing you to focus and interact with the application effortlessly. Below are some of the functions you can carry out whilst taken an order:

  • Line modification (Touch an order line to customize where you can add extras, change quantity and add a line discount)
  • Search item (Enter characters in the search bar and you can see your items be filtered nicely)
  • Order discount
  • Order information (Set table number, number of people and customer details)
  • Parking order (This is done automatically so no action is required)
  • Kitchen style print
  • Customer sales print

Once you are ready to complete the order, you can touch “Tender”, enter the amount, payment method and confirm. As the order is confirmed and device is online, your order will be synced (within 20-30 seconds) to your back office allowing you to monitor sales in real time any where in the world.

If the device is offline then the order will sync as soon as the device is back online and thus not effecting any of your order stats. Isnt that cool? You can also check the status of completed orders by going in to “Orders” from the home menu and see if its synced or not. Also whilst you are on that same screen there is also a list of open orders that requires your attention. This has been designed in a way that you can easily complete the order at a later time and see how much time has elapsed.

NOTE: Due to UKs chip and pin laws, there isn’t any card swiping processing ability. Most of our business users like to have a separate payment device working alongside. Hopefully, when iZettle/Paypal Here release a suitable Android integration kit, we would be the first to implement.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you need more guidance on taking orders and how it works.

POCKET MUNIM offers two ways in which you can visually analyse and empower your business performance. First is on the tablet where you can go into “Business Intelligence” and have a look at your stunning executive dashboard. You can check your totals sales for different periods of the year (today, this week, this month and this year) as well as a little target indicator to notify you if you met your targets or not (BI targets can be set in the back office where the gauges are). Moreover, there is a weekly sales chart (3 weeks worth), yearly sales (2 years worth) graph and a pie chart to indicate your top performing products. On the tablet, you can also check your end of day report and print if required. Isnt that awesome? Just select the date and boom you have all the figures in a second including the ability to enter tips/expenses before you print.

On the other hand we have the back office business intelligence features where you can fully analyse and measure performance in real time. There are gauges to indicate if your are meeting your targets (weekly, monthly and yearly), weekly and yearly sales charts (both charts data should be same as on tablet).


As well as graphical analysis on your business performance you can also generate a variety of instant accurate reports in the “Reports” section of the back office.

  • End of day report
  • Employee report
  • Sales report
  • Device report
  • Inventory report
  • Clock in/out report

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you require more assistance on business intelligence or of you have any ideas/improvements you would like to see in the next update.

Detailed FAQ section can be found via your back office “Help” section where there are answers to most common questions.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you feel your could not find what your were looking for.